We provide comprehensive spinal and extremity corrections utilizing the latest chiropractic techniques and modalities. Dr. Hanson couples his personal injury experiences with thousands of hours worked in training rooms and providing event coverage for athletes of all shapes and sizes. He has a deep respect for the soft tissue component of most injuries and is highly skilled in multiple massage- based techniques. He provides newer interventions that are evidence based, safer, and more effective in accelerating the healing process. Call 503-646-3393 to make an appointment and experience the Dr Hanson difference.

Chiropractic Techniques

Soft Tissue Techniques
Graston Technique
Myofascial Release
Trigger point therapy

Functional Assessments

Active rehabilitation and corrective exercise

Advanced taping skills
Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping
Kinesiology Taping
Conventional Taping

Electrical Stimulation
Cold Laser